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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring one of our more than deserving palliative dogs in care.

For inquiries or to sign up, please email fureverablesponsorship@hotmail.com

Whether you’re a dog loving person, family or even a business, sponsoring one of our chronically ill dogs in long term care is a great way to help a dog in need. It’s also a great way to honour a beloved pet or an animal loving family member or friend!

When dogs come in to our care here at Fur-Ever Able, our ultimate goal is to assist each and every one of them with their individual needs so that one day they will be medically cleared and able to find a “furever” loving home of their very own. Unfortunately this is not the case for all of our dogs in care. Sadly, some come to us with life long and chronic illnesses. Currently we have a few dogs in care that will remain in palliative care and/or long term care due to their ongoing medical concerns.

Now that we are officially a registered charitable organization as of 2021, we are now able to issue year end tax receipts for your donations made throughout the course of the current year. In exchange for your donation, you will receive a year end tax deductible receipt and the joy of knowing you’re making a positive difference for a dog with ongoing medical needs! With your permission, we would also love to recognize your sponsorship commitment on both our website and social media platforms as a thank-you!

When it come to sponsorship options, please let us know if you’d be interested in covering the cost for 1 month at a time or a series of months. Each dog below has approximate ongoing monthly expense posted that will aid in covering their regularly prescribed medications, specialty diets and other daily supplies such as diapers, depending on the dog and their needs. Your ongoing support is always greatly appreciated and needless to say, our dogs would be more than “furever” grateful. When it comes to medical dogs in need, every dollar truly makes a difference!

Please note that by sponsoring a palliative dog in care, this will not give your family or friends any priority when it comes to adopting or fostering any of our other Fur-Ever Able dogs in care.


Thank you to the wonderful and caring staff (Lindsay, Heather & Raven) at Pet Perfection, located in Milton, for sponsoring Angela for the month of November. Angela is so very grateful for your sponsorship and sends lots of virtual cuddles and kisses your way!

A local animal rescuer contacted us in regard to Angela in the summer of 2020, and it was learned that her previous family had no time for her and essentially had given up on her. It was suspected that there was an underlying undiagnosed medical issue. Once in our care, we had her thoroughly assessed by our medical team, in addition to diagnostic testing. Sadly, Angela was diagnosed with severe kidney disease and she will continue to require regular IV fluids. We are sad to share that her life expectancy does look grim, however she will continue to stay with her amazing foster family while they provide her with the necessary palliative care she so needs, and deserves! This sweet girl is just one gentle giant and rest assured, we will continue to keep her happy and comfortable.

With Angela being the largest dog in care, her expenses add up very quickly. Due to her kidney disease she requires a vet prescribed specialty dog food diet as well as IV fluids every 3 days (to keep her toxin levels low), vitamins, electrolytes and blood pressure medication. With that said, we are looking for sponsors for Angela willing to cover $200/mth in regard to her every day living expenses.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Angela for any upcoming 2021 months, please email fureverablesponsorship@hotmail.com to discuss further.


We are beyond furever grateful to Kim Nowell for sponsoring Lady on a long term basis & in loving memory of her boy named Lucky, whom she sadly lost in 2019.

This lovely havanese, Lady was born on the 27th of February, 2021 and was later surrendered into our care on March 4th, 2021 as a result of her being born with a cleft palate. Since then, she was raised at the Fur-Ever Able hub as neonate, being tube fed around the clock. Lady was doing very well up until the beginning of May, which later prompted an emergency vet visit to MOVEH. At this time, she was officially in heart failure and diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD), which is when the wall between her two ventricles fails to fuse normally, ultimately leaving a hole in her heart’s inner wall. Unfortunately we have been told that the surgery she could qualify for has only been performed in the USA.

With that said, she will remain in long term palliative care and she will continue to require two daily prescribed medications (pimobendan and furosemide) in regard to her heart disease. These two medications alone cost approximately $115 every month and she also eats a Royal Canin specialty dog diet. Ultimately, we are hoping to find sponsors willing to cover her approximate $150/month in costs for both her rx medications and required food.


We are so very grateful for Noelle & Nicky for sponsoring Skye during the months of October, November & December of 2021. Your commitment to sponsoring Skye for those 3 months will definitely provide her with some much needed time to grow, adapt and adjust while trying to learn how to use her wheelchair safely. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and another big thank you for your love for dogs, no matter their size, shape or condition!

This sweet paraplegic pup, Skye was surrendered to us as a young puppy from another dog rescue and as a result, she travelled all the way to us from a northern reserve. She later had both legs amputated as per the recommendation from our medical team.

This girl is one heck of a determined warrior and let me tell you, nothing slows her down! Since her double leg amputation, she wears a custom made “drag bag” that assists her in maneuvering around. She also has a polyp that is being monitored, but as long as it doesn’t change in shape, our medical team is not overly concerned. Although she has a wheelchair, Skye has had some setbacks because of her ongoing struggles with seizures and sadly, every time her foster family attempts to work with her in becoming more acclimated with her new wheels, she starts to show symptoms she normally displays prior to having a seizure. That said, although Skye is not considered a palliative pup, she will require long term care in order to rehabilitate her at a pace she is more comfortable with, but we hope that one day she’ll feel comfortable enough to give her wheelchair some time to grow into. In the meantime, she’s in the care of a wonderful and very dedicated foster family who ensures she receives her anti-seizure medications and frequent diaper changes. Skye would like to find monthly sponsors interested in donating $150/month towards her ongoing costs for her medications, specialty diet as well as her diapers and overall hygiene supplies.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Skye, please email fureverablesponsorship@hotmail.com to discuss further.


A very special thank you to Toni Mallabar for sponsoring Touie for the months of October & November of 2021 and in loving memory of her dog loving father, Brian Davies.

Touie was surrendered into our care in March of 2021, when she was approximately 13 weeks in age and as a result her struggling with her diabetes, eye cataracts as well has a significant heart concern. Once in our care, Touie has had a variety diagnostic tests completed by both our medical team as well as with a specialist at the MOVEH emergency hospital.

Long story short, she has been diagnosed with congenital heart disease, a very enlarged liver as well as diabetes mellitus, so the plan moving forward is to keep Touie on a strict specialized diet with a strong emphasis on consistency and scheduling. Touie will continue to receive her insulin injections in hopes of keeping her diabetic levels stabilized and avoiding hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. To make her case even more complex, in April of 2021, Touie started to have random and unprovoked incidents where she would collapse, and these incidents continue to occasionally happen once every 1-2 weeks. It is suspected that these incidents are possibly as a result of her enlarged liver putting additional pressure on her heart because her diabetes has been ruled out as a trigger. Although we have been told that her future looks grim, she will continue to follow up with our medical team in order for them to monitor her ongoing health concerns. Sadly, surgery is not an option and we have been warned that Touie’s life expectancy is up in the air that can vary on a day-to-day basis.

That said, Touie will remain in long term palliative care with Fur-Ever Able and as a result, we are hoping to find monthly sponsors to assist us in covering her everyday living expenses. A donation of $200/month will help cover the costs of her blood test strips (used 3-4x/day and at a cost of $100 for 100), her specialty diet and her diuretic medications, which are administered twice daily in regard to her liver concerns.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Touie, please email fureverablesponsorship@hotmail.com to discuss further. Touie is looking for an immediate sponsor!

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