In Loving Memory

Such a short time, they have with us.

Such a short time, to give them love.

And when they leave, it’s all too fast.

But though their gone, their memory lasts!

Here at Fur-Ever Able we take on the opportunity to give special need neonates & dogs the best fighting chance to survive and thrive. We always go above and beyond to give each and every single dog the very best care that they need (and so deserve) but sadly, sometimes the outcome is beyond our control.

We wanted to create this page in loving memory of the Fur-Ever Able pups we have unfortunately lost along the way. Although their time was cut way too short with us, we will hold each and every one of these precious pups forever in our hearts!

Reggie & Billy

It is with extremely heavy hearts we have to post this.

Sometimes when you love something so much you have let them go. ❤️Doing the right thing for that animal that is suffering is all we can do. Unfortunately, Billy and Reggie declined significantly going 5 to 6 hours without being able to stand up also suffering from seizures or blackouts that we believe was caused by some sort of an infection in the brain as an infant in utero. They were loved by so many people and it got to a point where it was unfair to them and as a rescue that deals with dogs with disabilities we need to be really transparent and clear that not every single dog should be KEPT alive especially if they are suffering dogs. It took a lot of conversation and testing but based on conclusion of all details we came to the conclusion of humanely euthanizing Billy and Reggie. We love you boys so much and really these past months we’re the most amazing months for them. They lived until they couldn’t anymore.. RIP sweet boys


With a very sad heart , we have to share the passing of little Jimmy

RIP handsome boy, you will be furever missed

Baby Bella

It is with a very heavy heart we have to share the passing of sweet baby Bella.

Rest in peace beautiful girl, you will be missed by so many


It is with an extremely heavy heart we have to sharing the passing of Eve.

She fought so hard, but unfortunately she didn’t make it.

Fly high little one, you were very very special and have left your paw prints on many hearts. RIP Eve

Nezuko ( Nezzi )

It is with a heavy heart we have to share the passing of Nezzi.

She tried so hard to stay here, but her body was just too tiny and couldn’t fight anymore. Nezzi has passed and crossed over the rainbow bridge.

RIP Nezzi, fly high little one


It is with an extremely heavy heart we have to share the passing of Enzo.

We were all excited for EnZo last week to get his tail fixed it has been an ongoing issue it would get better and then it would get worse on a continuous cycle of bad and good it came to a point we decided it would be best to get it removed. Last week on surgery day getting ready for the surgery and did x-rays to ensure everything is ready and ago…to say EnZo tail site was good to go would be an understatement and we were just all devastated. It had been noted that the bone from the tail working its way up the body was essentially rotted (yes because of the Back and forth of good to bad the rotted bone was bad and couldn’t be fixed with antibiotics as he had already had to be on so many rounds and I believe his body couldn’t fight it off anymore.)

We had to make a very hard decision to lay him to rest. I am not going to sit here and act like we’re all ok because we’re not this is literally the hardest it’s been in rescue and I’m a mess. RIP handsome boy, you will be furever missed by so many xo


With a very sad heart we have to share the sudden passing of our baby girl Joan

Joan had a severe seizure and just couldn’t come back from it.

Joan passed and has crossed the rainbow bridge RIP Sweet Joan


It is with extremely heavy hearts we have to share the sudden passing of Olivia.

Some souls are too beautiful for this world, and so they leave. Our hearts hurt. This loss came out of the middle of nowhere. Myself ( Ashley ) and the family were not ready for this one.

Olivia you were thriving… all of a sudden just gone. They think something with the front portion of her brain. I’m so so so sorry . You were loved by so many baby girl. Now you have gained your angel wings, fly free with your brother

RIP beautiful Olivia , you will be furever missed


It is with great sadness we have to announce the passing of Angela.

Angela from the moment we met you it was easy to instantly fall deeply in love with you big, fluffy and loving girl. I am so thankful that we found a foster family that was perfect in every way we could imagine both medically and lovingly, willing to give you a chance at living your best absolute life whether it a long or short amount of time.

We were all told that you didn’t have much time but man did you beat the odds! Thank you for fighting so hard for so long.

Rest in peace beautiful girl, you will be missed by so many


With great sadness we have to announce that our wee nugget Freddy passed away.

Unfortunately Freddy could not bounce back from the Pneumonia he got as a brand new cleft baby. It’s a learning curve, but it is highly advised that cleft babies not be syringe fed. Freddy aspirated before coming into care and no matter what I did I could not kick the sickness 🙁 

His eyes were very beautiful , they had just opened and he was very loved already by so many. Thank-you @crittercabs for transportation for him. We really tried and he was worth it! Rest in peace little one


This handsome little guy came to us due to a bilateral cleft lip and small deformation in his palate in April 2022 with his sister. Oliver put up a really good fight but unfortunately lost his fight. Heaven has now gained another angel. Rest in peace Oliver, you will be furever missed.


Today is one of the hardest days in the History of @fureverable. We lost an alumni @specialskye.ourfurbaby . We are all absolutely devastated and it was very unexpected. Skye was being treated for a UTI and yesterday started showing symptoms of concern. She stopped eating and drinking and was on her way to see the vet today but passed 30 minutes before leaving. Skye was loved by many and was an absolute shining star and advocate for dogs with special needs. She leaves her family devastated and feeling lost. She was their baby. Skye, I know you will be shining down on us and we just love you so much. I prayed to never have to see this day so soon. Today April 29th 2022 we name this day Special Skye day. Rest in peace sweet Skye


This sweet girl came into care due to a bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate in March 2022 as a neonate. She was extremely sick with aspiration pneumonia. We actually had her surrendered/given to us by the English bulldog rescue of Ontario as she got surrendered to them. Jorgia really tried to fight hard, but her little body was just too sick and unfortunately lost her fight. Heaven has gained another angel , Rest in peace baby girl.


This amazing 5 year old girl came into care with us on December 17th, 2021. She previously had IVDD surgery and had recently been spayed. While in care, sadly Penelope started to show signs that she wasn’t feeling well. After a very quick decline in her health consisting of her having no appetite, increased thirst and lethargy, she was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma cancer and given a very poor prognosis. On February 4th, 2022, we made the very difficult decision to humanely euthanize Penelope as she was in too much pain. Given the terrible circumstances this was the best gift we could give her as we didnt want her to suffer any longer. Run free Penelope and know that you were deeply loved by all!


Touie was surrendered into our care as a young puppy in March of 2021, when she was approximately 13 weeks in age and as a result of her struggling with diabetes, eye cataracts as well has a significant heart concern. Once in our care, Touie had a variety diagnostic tests completed by both our medical team as well as with a specialist at the MOVEH emergency hospital. Long story short, she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, a very enlarged liver as well as diabetes mellitus. Touie received her regular insulin shots and was kept on a strict specialized diet. To make her case even more complex, in April of 2021, Touie started to have random and unprovoked incidents where she would collapse, and these incidents continued to occasionally happen once every 1-2 weeks. It was suspected that these incidents were as a result of her enlarged liver putting additional pressure on her heart because her diabetes had been ruled out as a trigger.

We had been warned many times that Touie’s life expectancy was always up in the air with a very grim future ahead, but we did our very best to keep Touie as happy and as healthy as possible. Even with all the odds stacked up against her, Touie was all heart, loving everyone and everything. Sadly, on January 26th, 2022, Touie took a turn for the worse and given her quality of life at the time, the best gift we could give her was to humanely euthanize her. We feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to give Touie the best life possible, even though she was taken way too young. Thank you to her loving foster family and her monthly sponsors while she was in palliative care, as well as to all of her supporters. You all played a vital role in allowing Touie to thrive and survive for as long as she did. Run free sweet girl! You will never be forgotten.


This chihuahua/miniature pinscher neonate came into our care in January of 2022 when she was only 10 days old, and as a result of her being born with a cleft palate and cleft lip. Sadly, she was only with us for approximately 4 hours when we lost her. Heaven gained another little angel.


In November of 2021, Lizzie came to us as a neonate as a result of her cleft palate. As she continued to grow, Lizzie was trying to beat the odds stacked up against her because not only did she have a cleft palate, but she was also blind, deaf and had hydrocephalus. On January 4th, 2022, our sweet little Lizzie gained her wings as she crossed the rainbow bridge. This was a very difficult decision to make but it was the best gift we could give Lizzie due to her deteriorating health. We tried our absolute hardest to give her the best fighting chance possible, but on the day she was humanely euthanized it was apparent she just didn’t have any fight left in her. Sadly, the hydrocephalus got the best of her. Goodbye sweet girl! You have left many paw prints on our hearts. May you rest peacefully. xoxo


Daisy came to us as a young puppy and as a result of her hind end spine deformity, missing tail and slayed hind legs. Although she required the use of diapers due to her urinary and fecal incontinence, nothing slowed this happy girl down and she loved nothing more than playing with her fellow canine friends. She got along with everyone and everything, making friends everywhere she’d go. Sadly, in November of 2021, Daisy was struggling with a persistent UTI and after further diagnostics, it was learned that Daisy only had one kidney, which was also underdeveloped. Shortly after, her health continued to deteriorate and as a result, on November 8th, 2021, Daisy was euthanized. Rest peacefully sweet girl and we’re sure you’re up above us now, showing our other Fur-Ever Able neonate angels the ropes.


This german shepherd puppy named Gator was surrendered into our care on September 8th, 2021, at only 2 days of age and as a result of him being born with a cleft palate. Upon his arrival, we immediately noticed that his eyes were already open, which typically doesn’t occur until a pup is approx 10-15 days in age because the eyes are still developing prior too. He was doing very well up until the end of September when his health took a turn for the worse and he later started to have seizures. Antibiotics were being administered but sadly, on October 5th, 2021 we lost this warrior of a pup to a suspected brain infection. Rest in peace sweet boy!


This young english bulldog pup, Smudges was surrendered into our care on July 17th, 2021 as a result of him struggling with both urinary and fecal incontinence. Unfortunately our sweet boy lost the battle on August 14th, 2021 when he was approx 11 weeks of age. Due to an unforeseen medical event and despite best efforts by both the foster family and the emergency hospital staff, he suddenly passed away. May we all remember Smudges as the happiest little guy around, always bringing smiles to all those in his presence. Rest peacefully sweet boy!


Reese came into our care on August 10th, 2021 at approx 6 weeks of age because she was failing to thrive. Unfortunately she was not gaining weight and was struggling with ongoing regurgitation and vomiting. Once in our care, she attended to MOVEH that same day for urgent medical care and the following day we learned she was diagnosed with a gastric ring anomaly. We immediately started to fundraise for her $6k-8k life saving surgery that was tentatively scheduled in a 2-3 week timeline however, Reese took a turn for the worse and we lost her in the blink of an eye on August 13th, 2021. We’re so sorry we couldn’t do more to save you Reese. You will never be forgotten.


The lovely Lucy was one of our senior dogs in palliative care who just loved everyone and everything! Sadly, she lost her battle fighting with kidney disease on June 29th, 2021. This beauty came to us in December of 2020, and shortly after, we learned that she was suffering with significant kidney disease, requiring medications, a vet recommended specialized diet as well as diapers on a long term basis due to her urinary incontinence. It is suspected she was bred many times throughout her first 8 years of life before being surrendered to us. Although she had a rough past, she was absolutely loved and spoiled by all here at Fur-Ever Able.

We want to thank her very dedicated foster family for always going above and beyond caring for this sweet girl and her past monthly sponsors who covered the cost of her every day expenses. Lucy, you have left many pawprints on so many hearts in the short 7 months you were here with us. Rest easy sweet girl.


Casey was surrendered into our care on May 19th, 2021, which was also the same day she was born and as a result of her being born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate. Casey was doing really well in care, being tube fed around the clock and staying comfy in the “puppywarmer” incubators, along with extra oxygen. At just shy of 4 weeks, she developed some swelling on the left side of her face and she was also struggling to keep puppy formula down. She quickly deteriorated even after receiving antibiotics and sadly, we lost her on June 11th, 2021. This boxer pup was one of the sweetest girls around. We will surely miss you Casey. Run free little one.


Petey was surrendered to us as a newborn neonate on April 24th, 2021, which was the day after he was born and as a result of him being born with a cleft palate. Petey was being cared for around the clock, receiving his tube feedings every 2-3 hours and staying comfy in his puppy incubator. He was growing and thriving up until mid-June and sadly, on June 15th, he started to have multiple seizures along with rapid breathing. After consulting with one of our trusted veterinarians, it was also learned that Petey had a significant heart defect. Unfortunately we had to make the very difficult decision in letting him go. We will always love you sweet boy!


Philip came into care with us on April 17th, 2021, as a brand new neonate and as a result of him being born with a lower jaw deformity. He was doing very well, gaining weight and growing on a daily basis but approximately a month later, he took a turn for the worse and sadly he passed. Philip, you were such a special boy and we will always remember you!


Sparkles was surrendered into our care as a newborn and as a result of her being born with a cleft palate and cleft lip. On May 18th, 2021, her health unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. However, by the end of the day she appeared to be improving and on the mend but unfortunately the following day she passed away.

Sparkles, you were one very special little girl and although you only had a short time here with us, you have forever touched all of our lives. Run free little one.


Ripley came to us near the end of December of 2020 and boy, did this boy touch the hearts of so many!!! Ripley had hydrocephalus, which is a condition where cerebrospinal fluid builds up in a dog’s skull, putting pressure on the brain. He went to see a neurologist and it was determined that he would be a candidate for stent surgery after they had some fluid drained from his skull along with an MRI. However, on the day of his surgery, he was diagnosed with having ringworm and required two negative tests post treatment before we could reschedule his stent surgery. This was a delay we never expected!

It was amazing to see how many people rally together to support and fundraise for Ripley’s quoted 12k surgery. This hydrocephalus warrior proved so many people wrong and was just so determined, and had a zest for life we will never forget! On March 3rd, 2021, his health quickly went downhill on us so he was rushed back to the Toronto Animal Health Partners Hospital due to him vomiting and unable to keep food down. He did have a surgery in regard to a newly found diagnosis but sadly, on March 6th, 2021, he lost the battle due to pneumonia. This very special boy was such a bright light for so many of us at the beginning of 2021, and although he didn’t make it, he sure touched so many lives prior to passing. We miss you Ripley!


It’s with very heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our sweet baby boy, Onyx on January 17th, 2021. Onyx came into care with us just a few days prior because he was failing to thrive but he was in rough shape. Deep down we know we did everything within our power to save him, but unfortunately there was a different plan in place for him beyond our control. Onyx, you left permanent little paw prints on all of our hearts! You will always be loved, never forgotten and forever in our hearts!

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