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When people say “I could never foster because it would be too hard to give a dog up”, we say, “how can it be harder than knowing a dog died because no foster home stepped up?” -Author Unknown

Interested in becoming a foster? Before applying to become a foster family, please read the information below!


While a dog is being fostered, we supply ALL the food, crate and supplies needed for any of our foster dogs in care. However, a foster family MUST be willing to drive their foster dog to Fur-Ever Able’s vet clinics, which are in the Brampton/Calendon area as well as the Kitchener area. We often get asked if foster’s can use their own veterinarians, and unfortunately this is NOT an option as we work very closely with our own medical teams and prefer to keep the continuity of care consistent. Occasionally, some dogs in care may require specialists appointments, which may be located in the Oakville or Guelph locations. Therefore, you must have access to a vehicle in order to attend required appointments. We will work with the foster families in regard to the scheduling of the dog’s upcoming medical appointments, however with the specialist appointments, oftentimes we have to take the future date offered to us. The associated medical costs for each dog is fundraised by Fur-Ever Able Dog Rescue. It is recommended that the foster family be located within 1 hour of Milton, Ontario.

Foster Application Process

  • Fill out the foster application! You will find the link to apply below!
  • We will contact you if we feel you and your home would be a good potential fit for the specific foster dog depending on dog’s overall needs, whether behavioural or medical.
  • Next, we will then arrange an in-person meet or FaceTime interview in order to discuss your application further.
  • Finally a “Meet & Greet” with the potential foster dog will be the final step.
  • *Please note that since we are family run and a not for profit charitable dog rescue (both with full time jobs and children to raise), sadly we cannot follow up with every foster applicant even though we absolutely wish we had the time to do so. That said, if you don’t hear from us about a specific dog you applied for, please do not get discouraged! Rest assured, there will be more puppies & dogs coming into care that may be a “pawfect” fit for you and your family! So please be sure to follow our page for updates or if you are open to different types of needs concerning a potential foster dog, please be sure to include that on your original foster application.
  • And yes, in some cases we do allow “foster fails” provided that the foster family, the potential dog and Fur-EverAble Dog Rescue are all in 100% agreement that it is the best possible outcome for that particular dog!
  • Thank you for taking the time to apply and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us directly. Remember, we are all in this together and we absolutely cannot do this without all of our truly amazing foster families and ongoing supporters! We do rely on our fosters so that we can continue to rescue as many dogs as we can in order to give them a new lease on life! Thank you again for your continued support!

Still interested in applying to become a foster family with Fur-Ever Able? If so, apply here!

If you are surrendering a dog into our care, please click on this link in order to access the required paperwork.

 Once you’re done filling out the surrender paperwork, send the completed forms to our email at

Dogs in need of a foster family:

If there are no dogs listed below, please do consider feeling out a foster application if you are interested in becoming a foster family with our rescue. We never know what the future holds, but we will hold on to your application and add your name to our foster family list. If/when a suitable dog comes into care that we feel would be a suitable match for your family based off the information provided on the foster application, we will be sure to give you a call. In the meantime, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

With that said, thank you for your interest in fostering one of our amazing dogs in care, in addition to taking the time to complete a foster application. Unfortunately we are not in a position to reply to every one who applies, but please know we truly appreciate your interest and any/all help offered.

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