Adoptable Dogs

Please check back for updates on our adoptable dogs or keep an eye on our Facebook & Instagram page for further information! When a dog does become available, we will post all related information below. Thank you for your interest and ongoing support!

A $6 non refundable application fee is required for each adoption application submitted. This fee is considered a donation and will go directly towards our special needs pups in care to help offset the costs of their medical expenses. Further payment details can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Please note the following:

  • If applying for an adoptable dog, please know that if you are one of the 3-5 families contacted for a “meet & greet”, you and all family members from the same household must be willing to travel to meet the dog in person. Locations may vary but are generally in the Milton area or surrounding cities where the dog is being fostered. Attending to a “meet & greet” does not solidify that you will be chosen to adopt the said dog. However, a “meet and greet” is a mandatory part of the adoption process in order to be considered.
  • Although we always do our best to state the suspected breed or breeds of the adoptable dogs, please note that we cannot guarantee any of these dog breeds, or disclose any specific details pertaining to the surrendering of our dogs. Oftentimes, we are provided with very limited information and we are unable to confirm the validity of any specific information received.
  • If a dog comes to us without a date of birth, we do our best to make an educated guess based on the physical traits of the dog, alongside with the medical opinion from the vet.
  • Once a dog is adopted, please allow ample time for the dog to slowly adjust to its new surroundings. This takes a lot of time and patience and new or unexpected behaviours during this adjustment phase may surface. Of course we are always here to provide advice.
  • If for ANY reason, the adopted dog needs to be rehomed at any point, Fur-Ever Able Dog Rescue & Rehab must be notified promptly so arrangements can be made for the dog to be returned to our rescue. Please note that there will be no adoption fee refund.
  • Our computer system does not send any confirmation email after an adoption application is submitted. Rest assured, we did receive it.
  • Since we are only two people, both with full time jobs and a family to care for as well, we do not review applications immediately after each submission. Please be patient with us as we usually wait a week after a dog is posted before reviewing any applications submitted.
  • Sadly, we cannot respond back to each and every application submitted as we just don’t have the time or manpower to do so, especially with the hundreds of applications received. Please know we do appreciate you taking the time to apply.
  • You will only be contacted if we wish to have you attend for a meet and greet.
  • Respectfully, PLEASE DO NOT CALL US IN REGARD TO YOUR APPLICATION or status of application! If you have any further questions, please email or send a direct message via Facebook or Instagram and we will do our best to respond within a timely manner.
  • The link to the adoption application is located at the bottom of this page and our adoption fees do vary depending on the medical needs of the puppy or dog. Non medical puppies and dogs are $550/$750 depending on age, senior dogs are $350 and are surgical puppies and dogs are $1000. All adoption fees do go directly back towards the ongoing medical expenses in running a large scale dog rescue focused on dogs and puppies with medical needs. Thank you.

Thank you in advance.

Sophie is up for adoption!

Breed: English Bulldog

DOB: Approx 4-6 years old

Sweet Sophie was surrendered into our care on July 17th, 2021, and although we have limited details regarding her past, we do know that she has had a few litters of pups and we were told she’s between the ages of 4-6 years in age. Since coming into care, her skin irritations have healed completely and with the use of antibiotics for a suspected chest infection, her breathing sounds 100% better. In early September, she also had to have her uterus removed as a preventative measure in order to avoid any future health complications and thankfully she recovered quickly without any issues. As a result, she has been medically cleared to go up for adoption in hopes of finding her furever family!

This chunky love bug is the ultimate couch hog and be warned, if there’s another dog in the house, she will be competing for her human’s attention! Although she currently resides with another English bulldog, it is important to know that she may be selective with other dogs and unless she’s in an enclosed back yard, she needs to be on a leash at all times when outdoors. When outside, Sophie will bark and attempt to run towards other dogs nearby. She has not been cat tested but given her high prey drive towards cats, squirrels and birds when out on her walks, we suspect she will do best in a feline free home. This bully loves her people, wanting nothing more than to follow her humans all over the house and always waiting for a chance to crawl up on top of them to cuddle whenever she can. However, Sophie still has a long way to go when it comes to jumping up on people when she gets excited and therefore, she would be best suited in a home with older dog savvy children as we would not want to see her accidentally knock over a smaller child. An experienced family committed to her ongoing training in all foundational aspects would be essential to her long-term success.

Now if you’re looking for a shotgun rider, Sophie is your girl because she thoroughly enjoys her car rides and unlike must bulldogs, she looks forward to her daily walks. However, when it’s hot out, Sophie does not do well outdoors and given her breed, she has the potential to overheat very quickly. For the most part, she is house trained but has had the odd pee accident in the house when she’s been left out on her own for more than 5-6 hours.

Overall, Sophie is a super sweet and comical little girl who no doubt will bring endless amounts of love, slobbery wet kiss and laughter to her future family home. If you feel Sophie would be a great addition to your family, please complete an adoption application in full and detailing why.

Adoption Fee – $550. Sophie is up to date on her vaccines, is microchipped and has had a hysterectomy. Meet and Greets will take place in Toronto, ON.

Newman is up for adoption!

Breed: Mix breed

DOB: 24OCT2019

This smart, high energy 110lbs handsome boy is now looking for his very own outgoing and knowledgeable family to call his very own. No doubt that this bouncing boy will steal your heart as soon as you meet him because he is just so full of love and personality, but he will require a very special home due to his behavioural needs. It’s important to know that Newman had been adopted in early May of 2021, but after a month in his new home he was returned due to an incident where he bit his owner while he was being physically redirecting. His owner did not require any medical attention, but this unacceptable behaviour needed to be addressed. Since returning into care, this playful pup has been in training and has progressed significantly in doing so. As a result, it is now time for Newman to find a suitable furever home!

Newman will require a family experienced with large breeds with behavioural needs and must be committed to taking him on daily walks, playing fetch (his favourite thing to do) or outdoor adventures in order to exhaust his high energy self. Ideally, he would do best in a home with a large fully fenced in backyard or alternatively, a very large rural type of property. Although Newman looks forward to his daily walks, he does tend to pull but since using the gentle leader he’s learning to go at a more controlled pace with ease. Therefore, due to his young age and past behavioural history, ongoing training will be essential and in Newman’s best interest for long term success.

When meeting new dogs, he is very interested but he is still learning how to interact appropriately without frightening them due to his large size and fast approach. However, with his recent training routine, he has been exposed to a variety of different dogs on a daily basis and has improved a great deal with his social etiquette. Previously Newman had been exposed to cats and did well but with any future home, the cat will have to be dog friendly due to his playful nature. Although he’s a friendly boy, he will still need proper introductions to anyone new coming into the family home.

Overall, Newman is a very loving boy with a silly but fun-loving personality. He does forget his own size at times, and he thinks he’s still very much a lap dog, but this is just because he’s got a huge loyal heart for his humans.

Adoption Fee – $550. Newman has been neutered, up to date on all immunizations and is microchipped.

Dalinda is up for adoption!

Breed: Min Pin

DOB: 15AUG2014

If you’re looking for the ultimate lap dog, Dalinda is your girl! This small pooch came into care with us on July 15th, 2021, as a result of her suffering with diabetic ketoacidosis. She was immediately taken to the emergency hospital and remained in the care of the medical teams for approximately a week. Thankfully she made a full recovery and since being discharged she has been in the care of a loving foster family. With that said, this sweet girl does have diabetes, which developed in her later years and due to this diagnosis she will continue to require insulin shots, in which she tolerates (but makes it known she’s not a fan of).

This absolute sweetheart of a pup loves spending time with her people and if she can be by your side, she will be. Although she would love to have her humans all to herself, she can share her space with other pets as she currently lives with 3 other dogs and 3 cats. It did initially take her some time to adjust to living with other dogs but now she’s one of the pack and without any hesitation. Dalinda is not a fan of being crated but thankfully she is not destructive within the home anyways. If allowed, she enjoys sleeping in bed with her human and oftentimes, she likes to crawl under the blankets. She’s so tiny you barely even notice she’s there.

Overall, if you like puppy kisses and are looking for a loyal companion to be by your side, Dalinda is the dog for you. She has limitless love to give and will share it freely however, she will require a family who will be committed to monitoring her glucose levels and able to administer her insulin shots on a continuous basis. 

Adoption Fee – $550. Dalinda has been spayed, microchipped and is up to date on all age appropriate vaccines.

For the following dogs posted below, we are no longer accepting any further adoption applications.

Maggie – As of Tuesday, Oct 5th, 2021, we will no longer be accepting any further adoption applications. Over the next week we will start to review all currently received applications.

Breed: Lab Cross (unknown)

DOB: Approx 9-10 mths

Weight: 60lbs

Meet the happiest dog around, Maggie! This sweet pup came to us in April of 2021, after she had been rescued as a stray off a northern reserve, located in Manitoba. Once in care, she literally had to learn how to be a dog who could wear a collar, walk on a leash, eat out of a bowl, climb stairs, swim and play with toys. Thankfully this didn’t take long, especially when it came to toys! Maggie is stupidly happy 100% of the time, and she is one of the most gentle and loving creatures you will ever meet! When out and about she looks forward to meeting new people and she absolutely adores children of all ages and, of course, every dog she meets! Maggie has been cat tested and her foster family predicts no issues provided the cat is dog friendly.

When excited or really focused, Maggie’s head will shake more noticeably than usual, and her gait consists of all four of her legs having a higher step than your typical dog. Initially we suspected she potentially had shaker syndrome but after being assessed by our medical team, it was confirmed that her head shakes were deemed a small birth defect, along with all 4 of her legs having a high step. She has been diagnosed with a right back hip sway but rest assured, none of these symptoms slow this pup down in anyway. However, our veterinarian has mentioned that any future home will need to be aware that if Maggie should require any future anesthesia, she should be closely monitored. As a result, Maggie was spayed on September 10th at Cheltenham Veterinarian and without any complications.

Maggie is fully house trained and is left out without any issues when her foster family goes out, but she is still a puppy and does like to become a little mischievous at times. She has been known to destuff the odd plush toy, chew on toys and bones. Maggie loves to sleep in her crate, which she easily goes in when the door is opened and also after the command “in” is given.  When there’s a chance to go outside, there is no hesitation on Maggie’s part because she absolutely loves being outdoors. She is the ultimate hiking buddy and always up for exploring the trails, now accustomed to hiking up to 10-20km in one day with her foster family. Also, if there’s an opportunity to swim, she’s ready to go in but she will stay clear of the deeper areas where she’s unable to touch the bottom. Maggie looks forward to her 2-3 long walks per day and has been working on not pulling while on leash. Lastly, Maggie loves her car rides, whether she be sticking her head out the window or refueling in the back seat dreaming of her next outdoor adventure.

This smart girl has a good solid foundation with her basic commands but is still working on her stay, down and recall. Given her young age, she will require a committed family dedicated to her ongoing training. She is very eager to learn, wanting nothing more than to please her people and she’s very responsive to positive reinforcement in the form of verbal praise and belly rubs! It is important to know that Maggie is not a fan of being enclosed in a small space and can also become skittish with loud noises, such as a lawn mower and vacuum.

Overall, Maggie is the “ultimutt” happy go lucky dog hoping to find an amazing and active family who will love her unconditionally for the special pup she is!

Adoption Fee: $750. Maggie has been spayed, is up to date with her age appropriate vaccines and will be microchipped.

Thank you for taking the time to apply and as always, thank you for your continued support. Please note that we will only be contacting those applicants selected for a meet and greet. As much as we would like to thank each and every applicant personally, sadly we just do not have the time or volunteers to do so with us being a small scale, volunteer based and a non profit rescue.

Adoption Application

. A $6 non refundable application fee is required for each adoption application submitted. This fee is considered a donation and will go directly towards our special needs pups in care to help offset the costs of their medical expenses. Further payment details can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you


Spay & Neuter Contract

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