Dogs in Care

The dogs listed below are currently all the dogs we have in care and due to the medical nature of each dog’s individual needs, some dogs are in care much longer as they await for their specialty surgeries, procedures or post operative medical clearance.
Please DO NOT APPLY FOR A DOG unless it is posted and advertised as available for adoption on the “adoptable dogs” page. We will NOT accept adoption applications for dogs in care who are not ready for adoption and nor do we keep any waiting lists.
To follow the progress of each of our dog’s medical journeys, please follow our social media pages for further “pupdates” & progress reports! However, we do try our best to keep the website as current as possible.

***Please note that we are always on the lookout for foster homes as we are continually bringing new rescue dogs into care, so if you’re interested in fostering, please fill in an application today!


D.O.B: October 2022

Breed: Yorkie/Shih Tzu Mix

Meet Felix! He is a 4 1/2 week old yorkie/ shih tzu mix.

He made his journey to the FEA hub all the way from @windsorhumane thanks to @crittercabs.

Felix has a leg deformity but is absolutely normal in every other way. Felix has some issues getting around right now but our hopes are that with rehabilitation he will be able to get around just fine (with a limp that is).

He LOVES hanging out with his buddies at the FEA hub. Soon they will all get regular introductions to the rest of the FEA crew.

Medical Needs: Felix will continue to grow at the FEA hub and will need to see our vet team in the coming weeks.


D.O.B: August 2022

Breed: Cane Corso

This is Mercedes! This Beautiful cane Corso puppy was born with a Leg defect called Ectrodactyly. She does not have function of her right forepaw, and uses her forearm for support. S he has been surrendered and is in a great amount of pain (as our doctor just saw her and advised) her bone inside of her leg is splitting… 🙁 we had three options …option number one is to allow her with pain medication to grow and see if the paw grows enough to be able to fuse the bone together essentially making it into a post , this would be a painful option. Or amputating the leg allowing her to not have pain but seeing if the body can even handle the weight on 3 legs. Remember she is going to be about 120-ish pounds and it’s risky. Last option being to euthanize if we feel that this is not something that we’re willing to risk if she doesn’t do well we could possibly get in a year and then find out that she’s too big to be on a tripod. But we’re willing to risk it ! At this point we want to try our best to give her the best chance at life. We we’re given a rush appointment for her to get her leg removed that was our decision at this point.

Medical Needs: She will be closely monitored while she recovers from her surgery. Once healed she will need to be spayed and get UTD on her shots

Update: Mercedes is healing beautifully and will be getting her staples out Friday Oct 21st. She is getting around with no issues and is just the happiest little pup. Mercedes is the most loving girl who looks forward to her snuggles. When she wants some extra love, she will come right over and put her paw up on you so that you pick her up… so she can hug and kiss you xo

Mercedes gets along well with other dogs. Although a bit shy at first, once she warms up, its typical puppy play time. She is completely potty pad trained and as soon as her staples come out, and can get outside, I’m confident she will be house trained very quickly.

Update: Mercedes had her staples out Oct 21st and is all healed up. She is UTD on her shots. Next up is her spay. She has now learned how to go up the stairs and is doing very well and getting her business done outside. Now to master this leash thing lol


D.O.B: August 2022

Breed: Airedale Terrier

This cute fluff ball is Odin! We gave him such a big name because Odin is an Airedale terrier “king of terriers”. We also thought it would help with Odin gaining his confidence.

Odin was the runt. He was much smaller then his siblings, he was not hitting milestones when he should have and he was picked on.

Odin is smart and is picking up routines very quick. Odin loves his alone time but he also loves to play with the bigger dogs who are showing him what proper play is. Odin is learning house training, he’s eating great, he listens to most directions unless he’s chewing on shoe laces lol

Odin will need a foster but we are not in a rush as he is at the HUB learning.

Medical Needs: Odin is going today to see our vet, due to some possible concerns with shaking front leg, crossover of his rear legs and a health check. .


D.O.B: July 2022

Breed: French Bulldog

Thumbelina (aka Tina, Mrs. Sass, hey you!) came to us due to dripping urine.

She is a hilarious ball of spice and sass . She moves at the beat of her own drum… but she is sooooo loving .

Any sticks outside, yep she brings it inside with her; no matter the size. If there is space to run, she takes full advantage.

Tina has the energy of a boxer, just in a very small compact package.

We have reached out to some applicants for fostering Mrs.Sass , but unfortunately her constant dripping of urine has deterred some great applicants .

Thumbelina’s needs: she drips urine constantly (floors that can be mopped with disinfectant is a must), she unfortunately can’t wear a diaper long or she does get urine burns/blisters (60% of her day has to be without a diaper), she’s great with dogs, she does run after cats (only wants to play), great with kids (just drips urine and might upset kids when it gets on their clothes). She does need mental stimulation.

Medical Needs: Thumbelina will need her next round of shots the middle of November and monitor her leaking

Frank ( the Tank )

D.O.B: June 2022

Breed: Pocket Bully

We want to welcome Frank the tank to the FEA crew.

Frank is a 4 month old pocket Bully that is a ton of fun.

Frank is a happy go lucky puppy that wobbles (literally), his head bobs and something is going on with his back end, it doesn’t seem to want to follow his front. He is approx 31 lbs of solidness lol

He is not house trained yet ( it is a work in progress ). Frank can not do a lot of stairs, he’s only mastered a few at a time. Frank is good with other dogs, plays like a typical bully of course lol

Medical Needs: Frank will need to be seen by our vet team , get UTD on his shots and be neutered


D.O.B: September 2022

Breed: American Bulldog Cross

Please help us welcome this handsome little guy. This is Oliver. He is an American bulldog cross that came to us here at the FEA hub due to a bilateral lip and cleft pallet.

Medical Needs: He will need to be seen by our vet team , but for now , he will be kept nice and warm in his puppy incubator and tube fed every couple of hours .


D.O.B: March 2022

Breed: Saint Bernard

Please help us welcome Gigi to the FEA family!!

Gigi is a 6 month old Saint Bernard that came to us due to an under developed lung. She is good with cats, other dogs and kids. She is currently settling in with her foster family and already loving her foster fur-brother Bernie

Medical Needs: Gigi will have to see our medical team for assessment and to get her up to date on her shots. She will also have to be spayed


D.O.B: June 2022

Breed: Shih tzu

We want to introduce Biscuit !

Biscuit is a shih tzu that came to us at 10 weeks old. We were contacted by a vet team to see if we had an oxygen chamber; due to biscuit choking on something. He needed around the clock oxygen for a few days and to be watched over while his lungs recovered.

Biscuit stayed in oxygen for 48 hours and is now being a typical puppy.

Medical Needs: We will continue to monitor Biscuit for the next few weeks and get his esophagus and lungs rechecked. He will also needs to be neutered.


D.O.B: September 2018

Breed: Bulldog

We want to welcome Maggie.

She is a 4 year old bulldog. Maggie is originally from Texas. We suspect she has had a few litters based on her beautiful curves .

Maggie has such a sweet disposition and loves everything. She loves her Naps on the couch and going for car rides with her foster sister Sadie (fur ever able alumni)!

A funny fact about Maggie is… she doesn’t know how to eat out of a bowl/dish . Her amazing fosters have had to hand feed her every meal lol(great for bonding). A bulldog that doesn’t just look at food and it disappears… is she really a bulldog lol

Medical Needs: Maggie will be going to see our vet team and will need to be spayed

Update : Maggie has seen our vet team, had her first set of shots and is now awaiting her spay

Elenor ( aka Ellie )

D.O.B: November 2019

Breed: English Bulldog ( possible cross )

Help us welcome this pretty Lady! This is Elenor (Ellie). Her name is definitely fitting as it means light-hearted; shining light.

Elenor is an approximately 3 year old bulldog (not sure if there’s a mix in there). She is small and low to the ground. Not much is known about Elenor’s past. What we do know is she was supposedly found on kijiji being sold for $200 and in a not so good situation . Well if she did have to go through a lot she definitely doesn’t show it. This girl loves life. She gets along great with her foster sister FEA Alumni Charlotte. She loves people and the attention they give her (who wouldn’t want to give attention with that face).

She’s not house broken unfortunately yet. Her fosters are working hard on that so her new family won’t have to. Elenor loves her walks and does great on a leash. She LOVES going on car rides in her foster dads classic truck and going to car shows to get more attention then the cars

Medical Needs: Ellie will need to be updated on her shots and be spayed


D.O.B: October 2019

Breed: Bulldog

We want to welcome Roxi to the Fur-ever Able fam!

Roxi is a 3 year old bulldog. She is a tiny girl but has a large amount of love to give. Roxi loves the world and wants to explore her surroundings.

She’s a happy girl and loves her new cuddle buddy Winston (foster brother)

Medical Needs: Roxi will see our vet team in the coming weeks and will need to be spayed before going up for adoption

Update: Roxi has seen our medical team, given her shots and some meds for a minor ear infection, she now awaits her spay


D.O.B: June 2022

Breed: Boxer cross

Hi Everyone, Meet Lucki.

Lucki is a 7 week old boxer cross who came to us with a VRA ( Vascular Ring Anomaly).

She came into care and went into see the amazing vet team at OVC quite quickly as she wasn’t doing well. After some testing the vet team confirmed it was VRA and booked surgery for Lucki the following day. Lucki had her emergency surgery and is now healing at the FEA hub.

Medical Needs: Lucki will continue to heal at the FEA hub , and will have a follow up appointment in the near future. If you wish to donate to Lucki’s medical bills, please send your donation to we would very much appreciate your help

Update: Lucki is doing great after her surgery and is still hanging out with the crew at the FEA hub. She is currently looking for her perfect foster home that can accommodate her medical needs. If you think that’s you, please apply.


D.O.B: March 2022

Breed: Golden Retriever

Please help us welcome Nyla to the FEA family. She came to us due to heart issues.

Nyla is currently getting lots of love and attention with her foster family. She is your typical pup but she needs to take it easy for now

Medical Needs: Nyla will need a follow up with our vet team , get updated on her shots and to be spayed

Tanjiro ( Sounds like Tandro )

D.O.B: January 2022

Breed: Pocket Bully

Hi Everyone, This is Tanjiro, Ashley calls him Po for short.

Tanjiro and his three siblings were born to an accidental litter of 4. His family at the time fell sick and couldn’t afford to pay for his fur moms spay. His fur-mom is really sweet but unfortunately all of her babies were born swimmers. His family tried so hard to give them all a chance. Two of his siblings were given to family friends and Tanjiro came to us at Fur-Ever Able.

He was picked on a lot they said as wee puppy. He was the weakest one. Now Tanjiro is at the Fur-Ever Able Hub with his Fur-Ever able Fam to get the help he needs .

Medical Needs: He will remain at the FEA hub while he waits to see our vet team and Ashley will continue to work with him to improve his mobility.

Update: Tandro has seen our vet team and had some x-rays done on his legs. We are awaiting results. Next up is his neuter. He is also looking for a wonderful foster family that will continue to work with him.


D.O.B: July 2022

Breed: American Bully

Please help us welcome JoJo to the FEA family. This beautiful girl came to us from a vet reference at only a few hours old. JoJo has a cleft lip.

This sweet little girl is at the FEA hub with her new friends Bear and Jack.

Medical Needs: JoJo is being kept nice and warm in her puppy incubator , being fed every 2 hours by tube. She will continue there until she can been seen by our vet team.

Update: JoJo is now with her foster family and is growing fast. She is working on her potty training and is doing great. She is such a smart girl. JoJo was seen by our vet team and given her shots. Dr David discovered she does have a small hole in her pallet so she will be closely monitored as she grows to see if surgery is required or if it will just close on its own.


D.O.B: July 2022

Breed: Black Lab

Everyone, Meet Bear. This handsome little guy came to the FEA hub just a couple of hours old due to a cleft palate.

Not only does he have a cleft palate… but there is something extra special about him… he has 6 toes on one of his front paws.

Medical Needs: Bear is currently keeping nice and warm in the puppy incubator with his buddy Jack and being tube fed every few hours . He will continue to be monitored until he can be seen by our vet team

Update : Bear is now with his foster family and is awaiting his vet appointment for his shots


D.O.B: July 2022

Breed: Boston Mix

Hi everyone, my name is Jack and I’m a Boston Mix.

I came to the FEA hub because I was born with a Bilateral Cleft Palate.

I am so very loved by many people already. Special thanks to CritterCabs for bringing me to Fur-Ever Able where I am already being taken such amazing care of already.

Medical Needs: For now I am keeping warm in my puppy incubator and being tube fed every 2 hours

Update: Jack is now in care with his foster mom and doing well. He is awaiting his next vet appointment for his shots and neuter


D.O.B: April 2022

Breed: French Bulldog

Please welcome Willy to the FEA family. Willy is a 10 week old French bulldog with hypospadias (we suspect) Hypospadias is a congenital condition in which the opening of the urethra is located under the penis, instead of the tip. Surgery is the only remedy for his condition.

Willy does not seem bothered by his condition and is a TYPICAL Frenchie ( stubborn, playful, super social) he definitely does not realize his size.

He is currently at the FEA HUB and the first pup he said hello to was Josie… ya he went up to the biggest kid on the block and said “I’m here, you will like me” lol. Willy is a fun little guy that LOVES to play with all the pups at the HUB. Please follow Willy’s journey.

Medical needs: Willy will need to see our vet team to determine the best course of action

Update: Willy is now in care with his foster family and we are awaiting confirmation of Willy’s surgery date and neuter


D.O.B: May 2022

Breed: French Bulldog

Let’s give a warm welcome to this handsome little guy. This is Lloyd the Frenchie. Lloyd came to the Fur-Ever Able family due to failure to thrive as a newborn.

Lloyd is being tube fed every 2 hours and keeping warm in the puppy incubator at the FEA hub. He has now opened his eyes and continues to grow.

Update: Lloyd is growing like a weed and is thriving in his foster family. Next steps for him are to get his second round of shots and be neutered

Queens ( aka Queenie )

D.O.B: January 2022

Breed: Saint Bernard

Please give a warm welcome to this beautiful girl .

Meet Queens aka Queenie

This adorable Saint Bernard Pup came into care with her 2 siblings due to bizarre episodes that left them with paralysis for periods of time. We are going to do everything we can to help figure out what can be done to help so she can live happy live.

Queens is currently in foster care getting loads of love and affection.

Medical Needs: Queens and her brothers were recently seen at MOVEH by a neurologist. An MRI and more testing was done

Update: We have spent thousands of dollars for testing and it has come out that they have been affected with Toxoplasma IGM -this means that these puppies could be saved or it could also mean that possibly they had it as infants and might not be able to be saved. We were advised to do an MRI on the one puppy that is presenting the worst and we will pray that it was a false positive as they have requested that we repeat the test in 2 weeks.

New Update: MRI was completed . Since then, unfortunately Her brothers Reggie & Billy are no longer with us as they continued to rapidly decline and after extensive thought and conversations , we came to the conclusion of humanely euthanizing them so they were no longer suffering.

Queens however is doing well and continues to learn how to be a big clumsy pup. Her foster family is absolutely amazing and continues to help her grow


D.O.B: April 2020

Breed: French Bulldog

This is Barbie, or as her fosters call her BB . She is a 2 year old frenchie that came to us due to severe skin and ear issues.

BB is loving life with her foster family and fur-siblings where she is spoiled and loved.

Medical Needs: Barbie has a follow up appointment with our vet team coming up and a specialist appointment at OVC in December


D.O.B: April 2022

Breed: German Short-Haired Pointer

Please help us welcome little April to the Fur-Ever Able family. April came to us at just 24 hours old and has a bilateral cleft palate.

We are so happy April has joined us. She is already growing like crazy, eating and drinking lots of milk.

Since coming into care April has now opened her eyes and has started to explore standing up and walking tiny little steps.

Update: April is doing well and is thriving in her foster home.


D.O.B: June 2020

Breed: Bulldog mix

Harley is a champagne color bulldog mix that was brought into care due to severe skin allergies. When Harley was surrendered we were told that she was good with all animals no issues Harley is just coming out of her heat and is amazing with humans but not so great with female dogs. We are looking for a placement for her where she can live with possibly a male dog. Harley is currently looking for a foster and I am hoping that we will be able to find her one before April 19. Harley will need her hair to grow back and skin to heal before we will adopt her out.

Medical Needs:

Harley has severe skin allergies that need and she needs to see the vet.

Update: After a wellness check, blood test, and many skin scrapings we found out that her skin actually had bacteria in it and an infection so we started her on medication. She is now on the mend.

Harley still needs to be updated on all of her vaccines heartworm tested and also needs to be spayed.

Update: Harley has been monitored closely by our vet team and is on medication to help with her skin irritations and itchiness. She is all up to date in her shots and has been spayed


D.O.B: December 2021

Breed: French Bulldog

Beth is a Frenchie that was surrendered to us on March 05 from Manitoba. Beth is described as an energetic snuggle bug that is curious about everything. She has been around cats but is still unsure and doesn’t try to introduce herself initially. She enjoys playing with her toys and is very food motivated. Since coming into care Beth has learned how to sit on command with a few hick-ups here and there.

Medical Needs: Beth was born with Ectopic Ureter (An ectopic ureter is an anatomical defect that is present at birth in some dogs). In a dog with ectopic ureters, the ureters do not attach to their normal location in the bladder leading Beth to dribble and pee constantly.

Update: Beth is getting lots of love from her foster family and is loving all the attention from her 2 foster fur-siblings who are also frenchies so they understand her level of energy lol .

Our vet team has decided to wait for Beth’ s first heat cycle to see if her inverted vulva corrects itself. If not, she will need a surgery to fix it at the time of her Spay.


Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Age: DEC2021

Mini was surrendered into our care from her caring breeder as a newborn and as a result of her being born with a cleft palate and cleft lip, as well as with an eye slightly open. Due to the needs of a cleft palate puppy, Mini will be staying warm in her puppy incubator as well as being tube fed every 2 hours by the founders of Fur-Ever Able until she’s old enough to eat solid foods. Her open eye will also be closely monitored and will need to stay as lubricated as possible.

Please watch Mini’s progress on our social media accounts and if you’re able to donate toward Mini’s medical bills and future surgery bills, please click the button below. Her Royal Canin Puppy Dog powder formula can also be purchased via our Amazon Wishlist and the link can be found on our “donate” page. Thank you!

Update: Mini is scheduled for her cleft surgery Sept 27, 2022, If you would like to donate towards her very expensive procedure, please click on the link below , thank you so much

Update: Mini has her cleft surgery as planned September 27, 2022 and has a long road to recovery ahead of her. Please if you can , kindly donate to her surgery costs as they were higher than we expected. You can click on the link below. Thank you everyone for your continued support


Breed: American Bulldog

DOB: Almost 8 years old

Menace was surrendered to us mid-October of 2021, and at no fault of his own. He does have some urinary incontinence issues that our medical team will need to investigate further in addition to being neutered. He is now in the care of a foster family so stay tuned for more updates.

Menace followed up with our medical team and he was diagnosed with what the veterinarian referred to as a “raging UTI”, which is concerning especially given his age and the fact he’s still intact. He has since been prescribed medications. We will need to fundraise for Menace for his upcoming diagnostics and medical bills.

Update – On October 28th, 2021, Menace had an ultrasound and it was discovered that he had crystals in his bladder and one attempting to pass in his urethra. He was neutered that same day as per the veterinarian’s recommendation and he is now on prescription medication and a RX specialty diet while being monitored. We are hoping the crystals will pass without the need for any surgical intervention but only time will tell.

Update – Menace has continued to have issues with his bladder and urine leaking so he has had a number of diagnostic tests completed in late December 2022, on which we are waiting to receive the results.

Update- On March 07-2022 after some CT scans to figure out if the tumor can be removed or if it has metastasized. After a very long day for Menaces fosters and us at FEA, we got the worst possible news. Menace had not 1 tumor but a total of 3 one on the Heart, Lungs, and small intestine. With this news, we have decided our boy Menace should live out the rest of his life until he shows any signs of discomfort.


Breed: Mastiff Mix

DOB: 3 years old

FOSTER FAMILY NEEDED! Myla was originally surrendered into our care in June of 2020, after she had become accustomed to living her life on the end of a chain while enduring physical abuse/mistreatment, in addition to having multiple litters of puppies. Once in our care, her dedicated foster parent worked very closely with her and after the first unsuccessful adoption in September of 2020, she later found a dedicated home in October of 2020. Myla was doing very well in the care of her new family up until recently, almost a year after her adoption when she was able to gain unsupervised access beyond her property, which resulted in her chasing after a child whom she did bite.

URGENT-We is currently looking for a very special (adult only) foster home with no children as well as no other dogs. Please send us a message if you would be interested in working with Myla and her behavioral needs. At this time, we sadly had no other option but to temporarily place her in a local kennel until a suitable foster home can be found.


Breed: Havanese

DOB: 27FEB2021

The lovely Lady was surrendered into our care on March 4th, 2021, as a result of her being born with a cleft palate. Since then, she was raised at the Fur-Ever Able hub as a neonate, being tube fed around the clock. Lady was doing very well up until the beginning of May, which later prompted an emergency vet visit to MOVEH. At this time, she was officially in heart failure and diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD), which is when the wall between her two ventricles fails to fuse normally, ultimately leaving a hole in her heart’s inner wall. Unfortunately, we have been told that the surgery she could qualify for has only been performed in the USA. Thankfully she has returned home from the hospital and will require daily medications in regard to her heart disease and on a long-term basis in order for her to survive. Sadly, she will remain in long-term palliative care but rest assured, we will keep her happy and healthy for as long as we can! Lady recently was placed in a foster home with a registered vet technician so we are relieved to know she is in great hands where she will be monitored closely!

To learn more about this palliative pup, please visit our “sponsor a dog” webpage.

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