Dogs in Care

The dogs listed below are currently all the dogs we have in care and due to the medical nature of each dog’s individual needs, some dogs are in care much longer as they await for their specialty surgeries, procedures or post operative medical clearance.
Please DO NOT APPLY FOR A DOG unless it is posted and advertised as available for adoption on the “adoptable dogs” page. We will NOT accept adoption applications for dogs in care who are not ready for adoption and nor do we keep any waiting lists.
To follow the progress of each of our dog’s medical journeys, please follow our social media pages for further “pupdates” & progress reports! However, we do try our best to keep the website as current as possible.

***Please note that we are always on the lookout for foster homes as we are continually bringing new rescue dogs into care, so if you’re interested in fostering, please fill in an application today!

Queens, Reggie & Billy

D.O.B: January 2022

Breed: Saint Bernard

Please give a warm welcome to these three cuties.

Meet Queens ( top ) Reggie ( bottom left ) and Billy ( bottom right ) !!

These adorable siblings Saint Bernard Pups came into care due to bizarre episodes that left them with paralysis for periods of time. We are going to do everything we can to help figure out what can be done to help these three so they can all live happy lives.

They are all currently in the loving homes of their fosters getting tons of love, affection, and the attention they need and require.

Medical Needs: All three were recently seen at MOVEH by a neurologist. We now have been told an MRI is a next step.

Update: We have spent thousands of dollars for testing and it has come out that they have been affected with Toxoplasma IGM -this means that these puppies could be saved or it could also mean that possibly they had it as infants and might not be able to be saved. We were advised to do an MRI on the one puppy that is presenting the worst and we will pray that it was a false positive as they have requested that we repeat the test in 2 weeks.

Olivia & Oliver (Oliver has passed)

D.O.B: April 2022

Breed: American Bulldogs

Meet Olivia ( left ) and her brother Oliver ( right ). These two cuties came into care just a few hours old. Olivia has a bilateral Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. Oliver has a bilateral Cleft Lip and a small deformation in his palate.

Oliver is significantly smaller than his chungus of a sister. They are both at the Fur-Ever Able Hub being tube fed every 2 hours and keeping warm in our puppy incubator.

Update: Unfortunately, Oliver crossed the rainbow bridge. His sister is thriving and we are blessed that we could help Oliver as long as we could. He was a true fighter.

Medical Needs: Olivia will continue to be tube fed and monitored until she is able to be seen by our medical team.


D.O.B: March 2022

Breed: French Bulldog

Welcome, Miss Livy to the Fur-Ever Able fam. Livy came into with gastro issues and failure to thrive. Prior to coming into care Livy had to use a surrogate mom due to unforeseen circumstances; during this time the surrogate mom bit her and took a chunk of her ear off (the wound has healed).

Medical Needs: Livy recently saw the vet for her tummy issues. She has started to feel a bit better. We are now waiting for a follow-up visit to check her progress and the next steps.


D.O.B: April 2022

Breed: German Short-Haired Pointer

Please help us welcome little April to the Fur-Ever Able family. April came to us at just 24 hours old and has a bilateral cleft palate.

We are so happy April has joined us. She is already growing like crazy, eating and drinking lots of milk.

Since coming into care April has now opened her eyes and has started to explore standing up and walking tiny little steps.

Medical Needs: Once April is out of the incubator she will go in to see the vet to determine the best plan of action for surgery to repair her cleft.


D.O.B : February 2022

Breed: Collie/Shepherd/Lab Mix

We want to welcome Denver to the @fureverable fam. Denver is an approximately 10-week-old pup from northern Manitoba. We believe this baby shark is a collie/shepherd/lab mix. Denver came to us with Demodex mange. Please follow Denver on his journey to healing

Medical Needs: Denver will need to see the vet for a full workup and continue treatment for Demodex mange.


D.O.B: Unknown

Breed: Boxer/ American Bully

This one-of-a-kind beauty was brought to us at no fault of her own. She is a true angel and is excellent on the leash but not a fan of crates. This is something that she will be working on with her foster. Bella is not shy when comfortable with you, but caution is required when initially introducing her to people she is unsure of. She has no food allergies and is very active, intelligent, and listens well. At her previous home, Bella did not pay much attention to the cats that she lived with, so we can’t say whether she liked them. This is something still to be tested. Bella reminds us to try and live life to the fullest with a smile like that.

Medical Needs: She is awaiting an appointment with our vet team to ensure that she has no underlying issues.


D.O.B: April 2021

Breed: White Shepherd / Great Pyrenees

This is Joey… formally in care at @fureverable about a year go named Dobi. Joey is back in care at no fault of his own!

Joey is a really good boy that needs a spot to just DECOMPRESS… Joey is a white shepherd/ Great Pyrenees cross and a big boy at approximately 120lbs (he can afford to lose a bit of weight) .

He is nervous right now but does like people and dogs. He has been around cats but tends to chase them. Joey does mouth still but does not put pressure he believes he is playing.

Joey does need slow introduction upon first meeting new people and especially kids (he does like kids).

Medical Needs: Joey does need to see the vet as he may have an injury to his front paw. Joey is playful and wants to be your shadow.


D.O.B: October 2018

Breed: Bulldog

Meet Milly, aka Wiggles( FEA hub joke), was brought to us at no fault of her own. When you first meet Milly, you are reminded that it’s essential to stop and enjoy the simple things. This laid-back yet active bulldog is very comfortable in her crate and loves her food but cannot be bribed with just any old treats. She can’t contain her excitement when she meets people, and her body shares that same sentiment. She is potty trained and loves kids, dogs, and anything. Once comfortable with you, which doesn’t take long, this beauty will stick to you like glue. Milly is believed to have recently given birth to pups, and the specifics of this are unknown, but we welcome her nonetheless. This beauty will definitely keep you on your toes. Keep an eye out on our social media for more updates.

Medical Needs: She is awaiting an appointment with our vet team to ensure that she has no underlying issues.


D.O.B: January 2017

Breed: Bulldog

Piper was brought to us at no fault of her own. Don’t be deceived by her first impression when meeting you. This fast learner, fun-loving, risk-taker bulldog reminds you that life is what you make it. Upon coming into care, Piper was anxious about going outside and fearful to leave her newfound comfort zone( her crate). After realizing that the belly rubs and hugs were free, she gladly indulged. In just 48 hours, she made herself at home, began eating with no dietary restrictions, and is showing her true colors of being active, friendly, and good with kids and dogs, but not good with cats and dogs. Piper is potty trained, sleeps in her crate, and is a good supervisor during your workday. Keep an eye out on our social media for more adventures from this beauty.

Medical Needs: She is awaiting an appointment with our vet team to ensure that she has no underlying issues.

Update: On May 12 Piper went in to get a mass removed from her vagina and get spayed.


D.O.B: January 2022

Breed: Mixed

Dazzlow was brought to us from the Windsor Humane at 11 weeks old where he was surrendered with mobility issues. He is such a charmer and happy little pup. Dazzlow is settling in with his foster family and will continue to work on his potty training and physio. He is awaiting an appointment with our vet team to do some further diagnostics.

Medical Needs: Dazzlow will remain in care until he sees Dr. Kirkham, is referred to OVC, and can be neutered


D.O.B: February 2022

Breed: Applehead Chihuahua

Ivory an Applehead Chihuahua who looks like a mini seal was brought to us with A cleft lip on one side and a cleft palate but her cleft palate fused together allowing us to be able to bottle feed her. Ivory is growing very strong she is now starting to eat meat a.k.a. ROYAL CANIN puppy canned food and will continue to grow but she does love her bottle every night and every morning store. as she grows.

Medical Needs:

Once Ivory is out of the incubator she will go in to see the vet. We’re thinking that because of her cleft palate at the top of her mouth being fused we will hopefully not have to get her surgery and she can live a happy and thriving life but only time will tell.


D.O.B: June 2020

Breed: Bulldog mix

Harley is a champagne color bulldog mix that was brought into care due to severe skin allergies. When Harley was surrendered we were told that she was good with all animals no issues Harley is just coming out of her heat and is amazing with humans but not so great with female dogs. We are looking for a placement for her where she can live with possibly a male dog. Harley is currently looking for a foster and I am hoping that we will be able to find her one before April 19. Harley will need her hair to grow back and skin to heal before we will adopt her out.

Medical Needs:

Harley has severe skin allergies that need and she needs to see the vet.

Update: After a wellness check, blood test, and many skin scrapings we found out that her skin actually had bacteria in it and an infection so we started her on medication. She is now on the mend.

Harley still needs to be updated on all of her vaccines heartworm tested and also needs to be spayed.


D.O.B: December 2021

Breed: French Bulldog

Beth is a Frenchie that was surrendered to us on March 05 from Manitoba. Beth is described as an energetic snuggle bug that is curious about everything. She has been around cats but is still unsure and doesn’t try to introduce herself initially. She enjoys playing with her toys and is very food motivated. Since coming into care Beth has learned how to sit on command with a few hick-ups here and there.

Medical Needs: Beth was born with Ectopic Ureter (An ectopic ureter is an anatomical defect that is present at birth in some dogs). In a dog with ectopic ureters, the ureters do not attach to their normal location in the bladder leading Beth to dribble and pee constantly.

Sweet Pea

D.O.B: December 2021

Breed: French Bulldog

Sweet Pea is sisters with Beth and came into care with very similar issues as Beth. She is obsessed with her new foster brother. She has no lack of appetite and loves working for treats. She likes any other small puppies and dislikes the cold weather.

Medical Needs: Sweet Pea was born with Ectopic Ureter (An ectopic ureter is an anatomical defect that is present at birth in some dogs). In a dog with ectopic ureters, the ureters do not attach to their normal location in the bladder leading her to dribble and pee constantly.

Sweet Pea (SP) went to see Dr. Dave on March 18 to see what can be done with her dribbling pee and a health check. They ran diagnostics on her and we await the results.


D.O.B: January 2021

Breed: Standard Poodle

Enzo came to us at the beginning of March with medical needs. His mom accidentally stepped on him as a brand new baby which has left his hind 2 legs fused straight. Unfortunately, he can not bend them but he can move his hips. Not to worry though, he gets around just fine with his wheels that were surrendered with him. Enzo has been undergoing water therapy to keep him strong and to make sure his muscle tone in his back end is still functioning. He has been placed with his amazing foster family who says it’s been a bit of a struggle to get him to eat so they stepped into high gear and cook for him to encourage him to eat.

Medical Needs: Enzo will need to be neutered and get the all-clear medical wise before he is placed for adoption


D.O.B: Sept 2021

Breed: Cream Rough Coat Chihuahua

Molly came into care with us at the age of 6 months due to a ruptured right globe. She is settling in nicely at the Fureverable Hub.

Molly is such a sweet little cuddle bug and has taken on the big Fur-sister role to Chip teaching him how to eat out of a dish and be a big boy. Molly has had her first round of shots and weighs in at a whopping 3 lbs. Please follow her on our social media and if you would like to donate to her medical bills please click the button below

Medical Needs: Molly will need to remain in care until she has been seen by Dr. Kirkham and has been Spayed.

Update: Molly had her eye removal on April 22 and is doing amazing, so happy and energetic. Unfortunately, she was able to get her cone off and scratched her healing eye. Molly had to be rushed to the vet on April 29 as it appeared her scratched eye was looking infected.


D.O.B: Dec 2021

Breed: Tri-Rough Coat Chihuahua

Chip came into care with us at approx. 11 weeks old because he was failing to thrive. The first 24 hours were tough as he needed to be fed by a syringe but by day 2 he was following the lead of his Fur-sister Molly and eating soft food out of a dish. Chip has had his first round of shots and is loving all the attention at the Fureverable Hub. Please follow his progress on our social media accounts

Medical Needs: Chip will need to be neutered and given the all-clear health-wise before being placed for adoption


D.O.B: March 4, 2020

Breed: Boxer Bully Mix

Astra is pregnant our vet team believes she has twenty-four days left until she has the babies. They believe there may be five puppies but they cannot confirm as of yet. Astra was a stray dog on the reserves but a lady was feeding her and keeping her safe as the male dogs kept on attacking her because she was in heat. She called Diane to come help and get her as the male dogs were attacking her Diane and the lady and a few other people had to fend off the male dogs so that Diane could rescue her.

Medical Needs:


Breed: Maltipom/Yorkie Cross

Age: Jan2022

This sweet little girl came into care with us as a neonate shortly after being born in January of 2022 and as a result of her being born with a cleft lip. She’s currently being tube fed every 2 hours and staying warm in her heated puppy incubator.

Keep tabs on her progress by watching our LIVE videos on Facebook and once she’s grown some more, we will have a better idea if she will require surgical correction and/or dental extraction in regard to her cleft lip.


Breed: English Bulldog

Age: OCT2021

Rocky was surrendered into our care on January 6th, 2022, as a young puppy and as a result of him having some hind end mobility issues. This snuggly little beefcake will be following up with our medical team on January 28th, 2022, in order to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for him once we have a confirmed diagnosis. He’s now in the care of a loving foster family.

Rocky attended to the vet on January 28th, 2022, and subsequent to x-rays and further diagnostics, it was learned he has an extra vertebra that results in him falling and/or losing balance. The vet suggested giving him more time to grow in hopes that he may grow out of it. As for the head shaking, it is strongly suspected to be neurological. As a result, we will be giving Rocky some more time to grow and he will be following up with the vet for further follow-up and monitoring in the future.


Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Age: DEC2021

Mini was surrendered into our care from her caring breeder as a newborn and as a result of her being born with a cleft palate and cleft lip, as well as with an eye slightly open. Due to the needs of a cleft palate puppy, Mini will be staying warm in her puppy incubator as well as being tube fed every 2 hours by the founders of Fur-Ever Able until she’s old enough to eat solid foods. Her open eye will also be closely monitored and will need to stay as lubricated as possible.

Please watch Mini’s progress on our social media accounts and if you’re able to donate toward Mini’s medical bills and future surgery bills, please click the button below. Her Royal Canin Puppy Dog powder formula can also be purchased via our Amazon Wishlist and the link can be found on our “donate” page. Thank you!


Breed: Labradoodle

DOB: OCT2021

This young puppy named Nami was surrendered into our care in mid-December because she was born with an ectopic ureter. As a result, this causes Nami to leak urine uncontrollably because her ureter is not connected properly to her bladder. In females with this condition the urine usually drains into the reproductive organs or urethra. With that said, she will require surgery in the near future which we will need to fundraise for but in the meantime, she is making use of diapers. Nami is now in the care of a loving foster home and we are now waiting on an appointment date from her referral to OVC.

Update – Nami attended the OVC animal hospital, located in Guelph on January 19th, 2022, to meet with a specialist and to also have an abdominal ultrasound performed. It was confirmed she has an ectopic ureter and she returned on January 21st, 2022 for a cystoscope in preparation for her surgery, which is scheduled to take place on January 31st. If you’d like to donate to Nami’s surgery, please click the button below. We have been quoted approximately $5500 for her surgical costs.

Update – Nami had her surgery as planned and is now recovering at home with her foster family. She has a follow-up appointment at OVC scheduled for February 15th, 2022.


Breed: Mini Goldendoodle

DOB: NOV2021

Remy was surrendered into our care on December 6th, 2021, as a young puppy and as a result of him being born with ventricular septal defect (VSD) as per his echocardiographic findings. Prior to coming into care, this cute 4lb puppy had already had a consult and diagnostics completed with a cardiac specialist. As he continues to grow we will have him follow up with a specialist in the near future at OVC in order to determine the most appropriate course of action. That said, we will need to fundraise for his medical bills to meet with a cardiologist.

Update – Remy met with our medical team on January 20th, 2022 in regard to his heart condition and it was confirmed he has a heart murmur grade 4/5. At this time, there is nothing we can do medically for Remy but we are going to let him grow over the next month with the hope that we may be able to neuter him soon after.


Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

DOB: NOV2021

Romeo came into our care as a newborn neonate as a result of him being born with a cleft palate. He is currently being tube fed every 2 hours while staying warm in his puppy incubator. Once he’s older, he will have a cleft palate surgery prior to him being ready for adoption. If you’d like to donate towards Romeo’s medical bills and future cleft palate surgery, please click the link posted below.

Update – Romeo has been busy growing but seems to be very sensitive. In January 2022, he was placed on antibiotics due to his aspirating.

Update- On May 12 Romeo went in for his cleft palate surgery. Romeo has been getting aspersion pneumonia often due to him having a significant opening in his palate.


Breed: Shepherd Mix

DOB: NOV2021

Rosebud was surrendered to us on November 21st at approx. 3 weeks of age from the Oshawa Animal Service Center and as a result of her being born with a mouth deformity. She had been surrendered to the Oshawa Animal Service Center when she was only days old as a result of her not being able to open her mouth properly. At this time, she is only able to open her mouth ever so slightly and is currently being tube fed while staying cozy in our puppy incubator. She will be following up with our medical team on November 22nd and having x-rays taken. If you’d like to contribute towards Rosebud’s medical expenses, please click the button below.

Update #1- Rosebud met with our vet on Nov 22nd, and it is suspected she is struggling with her jaw muscles so while we give her more time to grow, she has physio exercises Ashley is doing with her after each tube feeding. She had radiographs taken and she is now being referred to OVC animal hospital to see a specialist.

Update #2- On December 13th, 2021, Rosebud met with a specialist at OVC and an MRI has been recommended before the doctor can determine the most appropriate plan of action for her jaw surgery. She is able to have her MRI on December 15th, 2021, but we need to urgently fundraise in order to have the $2000 needed for the MRI. We will also continue to fundraise for her upcoming surgery and we will have an approx cost for her surgery pending the MRI.

Update#3 – Rosebud had her scheduled MRI and it has been recommended that we let her grow for another 1-2 months in hopes that she will gain some more weight before moving forward with her much-needed surgery. In the meantime, a feeding tube has been inserted so that she can be fed adequately and without any added pressure on her jaw. If you can, please consider donating to her surgery. She has a long road ahead of her but she’s one determined little fighter!

Update – Rosebud is scheduled for her surgery to take place on January 31st, 2022. We need to fundraise approximately $4000 for her surgical costs.


Breed: Mixed Breed (Unknown)


Spot came into our care on October 28th, 2021, after being rescued off a northern reserve, located in Manitoba. It was later confirmed that she was pregnant and on November 18th, 2021, she gave birth to 9 puppies.

Update – Now that Spot’s puppies are over 8 weeks of age and being placed in their own furever homes, Spot will need to be spayed and medically cleared before she’ll be ready to go up for adoption. Stay tuned.

Update – Spot has since been diagnosed with heartworm and she will need to follow up with the vet in hopes of starting her heartworm treatments soon. If you’re able to donate towards her heartworm treatments, please click the button below or EMTs can be sent to


Breed: American Bulldog

DOB: Almost 8 years old

Menace was surrendered to us mid-October of 2021, and at no fault of his own. He does have some urinary incontinence issues that our medical team will need to investigate further in addition to being neutered. He is now in the care of a foster family so stay tuned for more updates.

Menace followed up with our medical team and he was diagnosed with what the veterinarian referred to as a “raging UTI”, which is concerning especially given his age and the fact he’s still intact. He has since been prescribed medications. We will need to fundraise for Menace for his upcoming diagnostics and medical bills.

Update – On October 28th, 2021, Menace had an ultrasound and it was discovered that he had crystals in his bladder and one attempting to pass in his urethra. He was neutered that same day as per the veterinarian’s recommendation and he is now on prescription medication and a RX specialty diet while being monitored. We are hoping the crystals will pass without the need for any surgical intervention but only time will tell.

Update – Menace has continued to have issues with his bladder and urine leaking so he has had a number of diagnostic tests completed in late December 2022, on which we are waiting to receive the results.

Update- On March 07-2022 after some CT scans to figure out if the tumor can be removed or if it has metastasized. After a very long day for Menaces fosters and us at FEA, we got the worst possible news. Menace had not 1 tumor but a total of 3 one on the Heart, Lungs, and small intestine. With this news, we have decided our boy Menace should live out the rest of his life until he shows any signs of discomfort.


Breed: Mastiff Mix

DOB: 3 years old

FOSTER FAMILY NEEDED! Myla was originally surrendered into our care in June of 2020, after she had become accustomed to living her life on the end of a chain while enduring physical abuse/mistreatment, in addition to having multiple litters of puppies. Once in our care, her dedicated foster parent worked very closely with her and after the first unsuccessful adoption in September of 2020, she later found a dedicated home in October of 2020. Myla was doing very well in the care of her new family up until recently, almost a year after her adoption when she was able to gain unsupervised access beyond her property, which resulted in her chasing after a child whom she did bite.

URGENT-We is currently looking for a very special (adult only) foster home with no children as well as no other dogs. Please send us a message if you would be interested in working with Myla and her behavioral needs. At this time, we sadly had no other option but to temporarily place her in a local kennel until a suitable foster home can be found.


Breed: Mastiff Mix

DOB: 8AUG2019

Josie and her 11 puppies (born 3JUL2021) were surrendered in early August of 2021, from a northern reserve, located in Manitoba. Prior to being surrendered, Josie and her puppies were living on the dirt ground within a shed with numerous car parts scattered amongst them. Josie will be following up with our medical team as she is underweight, in addition to having severe “cherry eyes” that will both require surgical intervention. Once her puppies are old enough, Josie will undergo her cherry eye surgeries and will also need to be spayed. Her puppies will remain in care until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old and medically cleared to be adopted.

Update – Josie is now free of her puppy duties and enjoying her time at the Fur-Ever Able hub. This sweetheart of a dog is now waiting for her upcoming surgeries (eye surgeries and spay), which is now scheduled to take place on January 24th, 2022.

Update – Josie was spayed on January 24th, 2022 as planned but unfortunately her cherry eye surgery has been delayed by a few weeks while the vet clinic waits for a special suture needed to arrive. Josie is still looking for a foster to adopt a family.

Josie is looking for a foster to adopt home! Please submit your foster application or send us a message to learn more.


Breed: Havanese

DOB: 27FEB2021

The lovely Lady was surrendered into our care on March 4th, 2021, as a result of her being born with a cleft palate. Since then, she was raised at the Fur-Ever Able hub as a neonate, being tube fed around the clock. Lady was doing very well up until the beginning of May, which later prompted an emergency vet visit to MOVEH. At this time, she was officially in heart failure and diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD), which is when the wall between her two ventricles fails to fuse normally, ultimately leaving a hole in her heart’s inner wall. Unfortunately, we have been told that the surgery she could qualify for has only been performed in the USA. Thankfully she has returned home from the hospital and will require daily medications in regard to her heart disease and on a long-term basis in order for her to survive. Sadly, she will remain in long-term palliative care but rest assured, we will keep her happy and healthy for as long as we can! Lady recently was placed in a foster home with a registered vet technician so we are relieved to know she is in great hands where she will be monitored closely!

To learn more about this palliative pup, please visit our “sponsor a dog” webpage.


DOB: 13JUN2019

Breed: St. Bernard

A local animal rescuer contacted us in regard to Angela and it was learned that her previous family had no time for her and essentially had given up on her. It was suspected that there was an underlying undiagnosed medical issue. Once in our care, we had her thoroughly assessed by a vet in addition to some diagnostic testing. Sadly, Angela has been diagnosed with kidney disease and she will continue to require regular IV fluids. We are sad to share that her life expectancy does look grim, however, she will continue to stay with her amazing foster family while they provide her with the necessary palliative care she so needs and deserves! Angela is just one gentle giant and rests assured, we will continue to keep her happy and comfortable.

Angela is looking for monthly sponsorships so please be sure to visit our “sponsor a dog” page or email to learn more or to sign up!

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