“Saving one dog will not change the world
but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever!”

Fur-Ever Able Dog Rescue is a registered Canadian charitable organization equipped to care for neonatal puppies born with any type of special need or disability. Our goal is to offer a safe haven as well as a second fighting chance for newborn neonatal puppies born with birth deformities, because oftentimes these puppies are usually culled shortly after birth. That said, we specialize in caring for puppies born with a variety of needs, such as but not limited to cleft palates, cleft lip, bilateral cleft lip, vascular ring anomaly (VRA), ventricular septal defect (VSD), epilepsy, heart murmurs, hydrocephalus and fetal anasarca, limb deformities, neurological concerns or any other birth defect that comes to our attention. Please take the time to review our “dogs in care” page to learn more about the current medical cases and please follow along on our social media pages to learn all about the neonates we have had the opportunity to care for, both past and present. Fur-Ever Able Dog Rescue is non profit and volunteer run. Our registered charitable CRA number is as follows: 755543337RR0001 and yes, tax receipts for donations over $20 are available.

Within our family home we own a number of “Puppywarmer” temperature controlled incubators as well as oxygen machines. We are very experienced with tube feeding our neonates and more than committed to the around the clock with feedings that are required with neonatal puppies. Even though we specialize in neonatal care, please also know that our rescue ultimately offers a safe haven any puppy under 12 months in age with ANY type of major medical need. We can assure you that any surrendered puppy will receive the best medical and surgical care that they may require in order to set them up for lifelong success!

With each of our dogs in care, our goal is to eventually find loving “furever” homes, also ensuring suitability of each dog’s individual needs but that does not occur until each dog is medically cleared and ready to do so! Although our Fur-Ever Able puppy nursery is located in Milton, Ontario, we are a foster based rescue as well. Neonates will stay with us until they are old enough to be fostered or if they are medically cleared, to be adopted. Follow along each our dog’s journeys on our social media platforms where we enjoy sharing daily “pupdates” and live videos.

Upon first opening our rescue in January of 2020, we never anticipated a worldwide pandemic to occur shortly after. As a result, we opened our rescue doors to any dog with any type of need in order to do our part in helping where we could. That said, you may see some older dogs that we have in care but as of January of 2022, please note that we have gone back to our original mission, which is to assist special needs neonates and puppies under 12 months in age and with a medical need. At this time, we are no longer accepting dogs over 12 months of age, but we will do our best to connect a dog in need to another rescue equipped to assist. However, a couple times a year, we will continue to assist with stray dogs and puppies saved off a northern reserve, located in Manitoba.

In order to do what we do, we rely 100% on community donations, volunteers and support. Please consider helping us in helping special needs puppies by exploring our attached website pages to learn more about different ways you can help. Without your continued support, we would not be able to give pups with special needs a second fighting chance, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Please note that when a puppy is surrendered, all breeder/owner information will remain strictly confidential! We can assure you that this information will not be disclosed in any form. If you are a breeder and have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via phone, text, DM or email to inquire further.

If you have a neonate that you would like to surrender, please call as immediately so that we can give your puppy the best fighting chance to survive and thrive.

If you have a puppy in need, please text or call us at 416-659-5763.

If the medical need is urgent, please call us ASAP!


Open up your heart & home to one of our amazing dogs in need of a loving foster family until they are ready to be adopted!


Give a second chance to dogs in need by providing them a forever loving home. Rescued is our favourite breed! Is it yours?

Your gift today changes a dog’s life forever! Help us be able to rescue dogs & puppies in need of a second chance! Every dollar truly counts!

Our Vision & Background

Learn how our little pack grew into a family run dog rescue and rehabilitation.

Our Dogs!

Upon arriving at our family’s home based rescue, we do continue to update the journey of each pup through social media updates, on both our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Follow along each dog’s journey and find out how you can get involved! We are always looking for individuals interested in helping us fundraise the funds needed for our pup’s medical and surgical expenses.

Founded by Ashley & Jason.

Based out of Milton, Ontario.

We will help all breeders with no judgement and no questions asked. Please feel free to connect with us!

General Inquires – fureverable@hotmail.com

EMT’s can be sent to fureverable@hotmail.com

Between 4pm – 8pm

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